BeeGFS (formerly known as FhGFS) is the high-performance parallel file system from the Fraunhofer Competence Center for High Performance Computing. Its distributed metadata architecture has been designed to provide the scalability and flexibility that is required to run today's most demanding HPC applications.

BeeGFS is provided free of charge. Professional commercial support is available directly from Fraunhofer or from our international partners.



(New updates will be announced
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November 03, 2014 - BeeGFS Introduction Whitepaper: ThinkParQ, the BeeGFS service company, has created a whitepaper to give a general introduction to BeeGFS. Everyone who is interested in getting an overview and learning more about the architecture and benefits of BeeGFS should definitely check it out.


    October 30, 2014 - HPCKP'15 with BeeGFS Day: In 2015, the fourth annual HPC Knowledge Portal Meeting, which is organized by HPCNow! and IQTC-UB is combined with a special workshop day for BeeGFS, provided by ThinkParQ.

    • Location: Barcelona, Spain
      (One of the most beautiful cities in the world)
    • Date: February 02 - 06, 2015
      (BeeGFS day: February 02)
    • Meeting Flyer: here
    • Meeting Website: here 


    October 20, 2014 - SC'14 approaching: In November, New Orleans will be the center of the HPC world for a whole week – SC’14 will take place from 16th to 21st of November. Leading experts from research, academia and industry will come together to exchange ideas and look at the latest technologies.

    Fraunhofer and ThinkParQ will exhibit at the SC’14 this year and present the latest news and updates around the parallel filesystem BeeGFS. Visit us our booth to discuss with our experts or get a general overview of BeeGFS in the exhibitor forum presentation.

    We are looking forward to show you latest performance figures and explain upcoming features and functionalities.

    • Fraunhofer and ThinkParQ SC'14 booth #3147
    • Exhibitor forum SC'14 BeeGFS presentation: Tuesday, 18th Nov, 4pm, room 291 by Jan Heichler


    June 20, 2014 - OpenZFS Conference: Michael Alexander from the Vienna Scientific Cluster talks about FhGFS/BeeGFS on top of ZFS at the OpenZFS Conference, May 2014, Paris


    April 03, 2014 - Petabyte Workshop: In close cooperation with Fraunhofer and ThinkParQ, Transtec is hosting a petabyte workshop with a strong focus on FhGFS/BeeGFS. Register to hear technical presentations, see practical demonstrations or join the evening event together with the people behind FhGFS. Hope to see you there!


    March 12, 2014 - Transition to BeeGFS®: With the community of users and partners getting more and more active and involved, we felt like it would be good to pick a new name for FhGFS. We will try to make the transition to BeeGFS as smooth as possible, so the change to BeeGFS is rather a process than an event. But expect more BeeGFS around here soon.

    P.S.: Although we were rather thinking about bees as nice and busy animals that work together as a swarm when we picked it, the new name seems to refer many people to a famous boy group from the 1970s - which is also not completely wrong, as BeeGFS will do everything it can to keep your data stayin alive...


    March 10, 2014 - New Major Release: Packages for the new FhGFS 2014.01 major release series are now available for download here.

    • This release series is based on an innovative new data layout to optimize storage server performance. A complete changelog is available here.
    • Upgrading from the previous 2012.10 release series is as simple as installing the new packages. No data conversion to the new layout is required, as old data will continue to exist in the previous format, while new files will be created with the new layout. See here for more detailed upgrade notes.
    • The new RHEL/SLES/Debian repository files are available here.




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