Latest release

Latest stable version:
2014.01-r11 (Changelog

Upgrade notes for previous major release versions:

New FhGFS updates will be announced on the BeeGFS BeeGFS Twitter Page page.


Installation Methods

Automatic Graphical Installation

  • First, download and install the Admon daemon package for your Linux distribution.
  • Then access the Admon daemon with a webbrowser (http://<your_admon_host>:8000/) to download and run the Java-based graphical control frontend for the Admon daemon.

Detailed instructions for the graphical installation procedure and package download links can be found in the Admon Installation Guide.


Manual Installation

  • First, add the corresponding yum or apt repository to your system.
  • Then download the corresponding server or client packages to your nodes
    and set the basic configuration file parameters.

In case you are already familiar with FhGFS and just want to see a short installation reference, you might want to jump directly to the Installation Commands Walk-Through Example.

Detailed instructions for the manual installation procedure and repository URLs can be found in the Manual Installation Guide.


Direct Download

If you want to download repository files or FhGFS packages directly, you can find them here.



Note: If you cannot find appropriate FhGFS packages for your system here, you might want to contact support and ask whether it is possible to run FhGFS on your distribution.